JOHN DENVER... An icon of American music, and one of the world’s biggest selling recording artists, was a connoisseur of fine acoustic and electric guitars. As afforded by his international celebrity, he was able to acquire an impressive array of rare and unusual instruments over the course of his extraordinary career.

Much has been written about John Denver’s voice, his music, his personal life, as well as his environmentalism and humanitarian work. Though up until now, very little has been documented regarding the numerous fine instruments that he employed through out his recordings, concert tours and television appearances.

Welcome to The John Denver Guitar Research Site. Dedicated to the memory of John Denver, JDGRS is the only resource of it's kind in the world. This is a web site by fans, for fans. JDGRS's objective is to archive and preserve another fascinating aspect of the career of one of the most celebrated and unique artists of our time...

John Denver (December 31, 1943 - October 12, 1997)



The Guitars


John Denver began his career with several Gibson model guitars, both 6 string and 12 string acoustics... and most unusually, an 18 string guitar.

He switched to Guild models in the latter part of the 1960's.

Later on in the 1980's and 90's, he again recorded and toured with several

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Guild... John Denver's instrument of choice for his recordings, television shows and tours through out some of his biggest years, the first half of the 1970's.

Of these, the double-pick guard F-50R model 6 string he used was, and still is, considered by many fans to be his most famous and

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In late 1975 John Denver appeared on his holiday television special 'John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas', with a spectacular six-string acoustic guitar unlike any other seen in the United States at the time.

It was a Yamaha prototype that would never be available on the market, outside of Japan.

It was the

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Two stunning guitars, a 6 and a 12 string, made by the legendary Stuart Mossman.

John Denver used these particular instruments on world tours from the late 1970's until the early 1980's.

Our research has determined that John Denver owned four Mossman guitars. Three Golden Era 6 strings and one

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These two fine instruments, a 6 and a 12 string, were produced by famed luthier John Greven, circa 1981/82.

John Denver commissioned their construction as a result of a spirited referral by Andrew Mulroy, a NYC musician and devoted fan of both Denver and Greven.

Mulroy reportedly met Denver after

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These rare instruments, a matching 6 and 12 string, were specifically made for John Denver by master guitar builder Ervin Somogyi, circa 1986.

Both guitar's construction feature figured Sitka Spruce soundboards; Brazilian Rosewood backs, sides and bridges; Ebony fingerboards and bridge pins; Honduras Mahogany necks, headstocks, linings and back bracings;

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John Denver recorded and toured with a considerable number of Taylor models in the years leading up to his passing in 1997.

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John Denver used Godin guitars towards the end of his career.

The Godin guitar featured in this category is called a Multiac Steel Duet. They are available in steel and nylon string.

"Outwardly the Steel and Nylon models look much the same. Inside, it's a much different story. The top

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A collection of photos of miscellaneous / incidental guitars and other instruments used by John Denver throughout his career.

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John Denver was fond of using soft shell cases for his guitars. Consequently, many of his instruments were damaged during the course of their use.

He also liked custom made guitar straps, many of them are visible in countless photographs.

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John Denver's featured session players, primary band members, and vocalists who worked with him over the years.

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